Management Consultants helping you diagnose & cure your business challenges

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Management Consultants

Management Consultants helping you diagnose & cure your business challenges

Do You Struggle To identify The Challenges Thwarting Opportunities For Growth?


Does the wasted investment in marketing make your brain hurt?


Are your employees’ results-driven, or is accountability rare?


Is winning new clients still your responsibility - because others avoid it?


Is your company producing more, but you only took home the same amount of money as last year?


Do you want to re-engineer your business to target new clients and revenue opportunities, but you don’t know where to start?


Do you struggle to increase production & maintain quality?


Do you worry that your best employees will leave for better remuneration?


Are your competitors now successfully using outsourcing to increase their profit margins?


Are you frustrated because you have managers, but you’re still working harder, and longer?


Are your profits now static, or under threat from improving competitors, and new market entrants?

We are a national management consulting firm, serving small to medium-sized businesses and professional services firms. We help our clients make planned, ongoing improvements to their productivity and sales goals to achieve their aspirations.

Does Your Business Have Challenges In Any Of These Areas?


Generating new sales is difficult.


Can't verify if you are getting the best results from your employees and teams each day.


Implementing repetitive processes that deliver a consistent customer experience is difficult.


Not able to effectively measure and reward employees based on the value they create.


Not able to eliminate needless processes because no one has a clear understanding of every step of every process from start to finish.


If one or two key people leave, it would be disastrous for your business.


There is no written, well-shared plan on how to market your products and services


There is an unhealthy reliance on one or two people for everything.


As soon as the change management initiative finished, the employees reverted to “the way we always did it around here.”


Profits are decreasing each quarter because client’s demand more price reductions and competitors are dropping their prices.


Most employees use a different approach to complete the same task.


There is no clarity or a shared method to accurately determine how much it costs to produce a single service or a single product.

Edgeview Consulting Works for B2B and B2C Companies & Professionals

Financial institutions

Medium-sized Companies


Insurance Companies

Small Businesses


Service-based companies


Professional Services Firms

Government agencies


Medical Services

If you need to sell more for less cost, you need Edgeview Consulting.


We work onsite with you and your teams to fix each business challenge and complete your growth projects.



Make meaningful and lasting improvements to your performance culture and increase employee accountability to achieve significant new goals.


Achieve new flexibility in production and competitiveness. Compete on margin and not on price.


Call Now & Schedule Your Meeting

Schedule an appointment now for your Discovery Workshop – conducted onsite.

A Deep Independent Review

We conduct the Discovery Workshop onsite – we do interviews with your employees and leadership teams. We also review policies, strategic plan, and marketing strategies etc.

Receive a Detailed Report & Roadmap

After the Discovery Workshop, you receive a detailed Roadmap – a step by step guidebook that we follow to fix all business challenges.

Discover how the Edgeview Consulting Framework can help businesses like yours start to compete on margin – and not on price, enter new markets and capture new clients.

What Makes Edgeview Consulting So Different?

Edgeview Consulting provides a fresh, independent analysis of your business to help you achieve the opportunities you have imagined and now want for your business.

The first step is to help you diagnose your current business challenges to take advantage of new opportunities.

Together we agree a plan to permanently cure each business challenge such as – getting more clients, developing a performance culture, increasing productivity, improving sales performance, increasing profit margins or enhancing strategic clarity.

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We leverage the new positive momentum that quickly develops when we tackle each business challenge to realise your unique business opportunities. 

The momentum does not stop, and execution of the work is guaranteed because we support you and your teams, onsite to make all of the changes and improvements to fix each business challenge.

If your goal is for scalable, sustainable growth, and best in class profit margins on your products and services we help you choose the most effective change options, and select the best methodologies to execute those changes.

Growth flowing from new sales and better productivity will accelerate when you leverage the benefits of your improving margins to win new accounts, purchase better equipment and hire skilled employees.

From experience, when you transform your business by removing business challenges that impact productivity, and leverage new ways of working – your employees are converted into a productive, unstoppable and innovative force.

Our consultants are unique because they have run businesses, led large teams, developed disruptive strategies and processes to help organisations increase productivity and win more sales.

We are effective because we leverage decades of experience in sales growth, re-engineering, performance management, culture transformation, Lean Six Sigma, complex outsourcing, financial analysis, law, manufacturing, logistics, business integration, and investment banking.

The New Foundations Program is our premier, most in-demand service. We launched the New Foundations Program because clients told us they wanted all of the benefits and innovation that can flow from a strategic combination of our Growth & Productivity Support.

The new Foundations Program will transform your business – because together, onsite, we address all of your business challenges within each of the five pillars – culture, strategy, execution, performance management and sales performance.

When you start the New Foundations Program, you will:

  1. Complete our Discovery Workshop because when it comes to growing a business and improving productivity, many people are so close to their products or services they don’t know where to start. You will receive an independent, thorough review of your whole business;
  2. We listen to you to help locate the root-causes of your challenges, identify new opportunities for change, growth and increased profits; and
  3. After the Discovery Workshop, we provide you with a detailed report analysing each of the business challenges. The report contains a detailed Road Map describing the proposed methodologies, tactics, tools and sequenced actions we will execute for you to remove each business challenge.

Alternatively, you can adopt a bespoke selection of our services such as Third Generation Outsourcing to address your business challenges and grab your opportunities.


Edgeview is all about adding value. Their ability to provide me continuous support on productivity enhancement, business process outsourcing and executive coaching in the one conversation was outstanding. For me now the three are tied together – Edgeview is the first I have worked with that took ownership of my needs and did not pass me from pillar to post within their organisation

Graham Beal, Group Manager – HR Services Coates Hire Australia

“Our consultant is the Gordan Ramsay for law firms.”

Banking & Finances Partner, National Law Firm

“Edgeview has a distinctive and effective style in working with me to sharpen my focus on value creation, develop unique strategies and build our management capabilities to maximise value. Edgeview offered a re-engineering of my compliance demands – they are without peer.”

Dan Wilson, CEO Privateer Capital UK

“Mark is quite remarkable and has certainly had the greatest impact on me and what I do. His ideas and strategies have been excellent. He uses the experience from his international high-level corporate & legal work and adapts and applies it to my circumstances. I’ve learnt not to give him excuses – that doesn’t work!! He has had, by a very considerable margin, the biggest impact on what I do.”

Nelson Wockner, Wockner Lawyers

“They have a distinctive, highly methodical approach to strategic decision-making working closely with our management to tailor it to the business situation and culture.”

Brad Levitt, CEO Sentosa Capital

“Perceptive, smart and always up to date with my strategic portfolio. With Edgeview we get the correct answers, not the answers we hoped to hear.”

Cathy May, General Manager Operations Dental Partners

What’s My Investment?

How much are poor productivity and bad client experiences costing you? What would happen to your profit margin if your clients demanded lower prices, the same time your competitors lowered theirs? How many potential customers are you missing out on because the sale process is not followed or even known? How many extra employees and managers do you have because there is a lack of accountability to get work done on time and as agreed? How many people are choosing your competitor’s offering because your employees don’t follow up, or ask for more business? Can potential customers understand from your marketing materials why they need your product or service?

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Learn How To Attack Your Business Challenges & Compete On Margin – Not On Price