Leadership and Executive Coaching in Melbourne

Edgeview Management Consulting in Melbourne understands small to medium businesses, and their leadership teams are continuously pushed to prepare themselves to meet the new and expanding expectations that flow from the growth of their small to medium business.

Also, Edgeview Management Consulting in Melbourne advised small to medium-sized businesses there is no one form of leadership style that can be applied successfully to all scenarios – leaders must use the right combination of actions to lead as necessary.

To prepare a small to medium business’s leadership teams the challenges of leadership, and to enhance their capabilities to lead the small to medium business efficiently, Edgeview Management Consulting in Melbourne offers small to medium-sized businesses, role-specific leadership development.

“Edgeview has a distinctive, highly methodical approach to strategic decision-making working closely with our management to tailor it to the business situation and culture”

Edgeview Management Consulting’s Leadership Development Programs involves new leaders in learning the process that includes the best leadership practices of successful senior executives.
The goal is for each small to medium sized business in Melbourne to understand and develop the various leadership skills to provide a path towards confidence and success. Moreover, to be passionate in their duty to support and grow the next level of leaders, from their direct reports.

Therefore, supporting small to medium-sized businesses to build their leadership bench strength and to fill their succession planning pipeline.

Edgeview Management Consulting believes that educating the next group of leaders starts with a thorough examination of their view on the future cultural behaviours of their small to medium-sized business.

Edgeview Management Consulting starts the process with a 360 Degree Feedback Process, including a review and customisation of the interview questions, confidential 360 Degree Feedback Report, and delivery of the feedback to the coachee in an executive coaching session.

Edgeview Management consulting will conduct a review of any other feedback and/or assessment data that has previously provided to the coachee.

Focused Learning:

  • Explanation of goals, expectations, and desired results;
  • Coaching Sessions – six to twelve months of fortnightly in-person, phone, or video coaching sessions;
  • Situational Coaching – periodic email exchanges or phone conversations for coaching related to immediate situations in support of the coaching objectives;
  • On the job coaching – the coach observes the coachee at work in meetings or presentations;
  • Valuation of progress and results during the coaching and at the end of the program.  Sponsor meetings may be included;
  • Prepare a self-directed learning plan and future growth goals – continued focus on the results and change being worked on.
With the future in mind, small to medium-sized businesses will develop an understanding of the capabilities, qualities and behaviours required to meet the business’s goals and start on a set path to develop new skills and capabilities to improve their small to medium-sized business’s performance.

The leadership development approach used by Edgeview Management Consulting in Melbourne has proven to be highly effective for small to medium-sized businesses, especially those seeking to build a high-performance corporate culture. The program has proven useful for corporations looking to leverage the productivity that flows from a strong bench of future leaders.

Learn How To Attack Your Business Challenges & Compete On Margin – Not On Price

Learn How To Attack Your Business Challenges & Compete On Margin – Not On Price