What Our Clients Say

“The difference between Mark and other consultants / business coaches is that Mark has actually been there and done it. He can and has “walked the walk and talked the talk” so to speak. Mark brings to the table a successful career in international banking, managing hundreds of staff and implementing change, both cultural and procedural, on a global scale and at the end of the day, whatever your business and whatever size, it is all about culture, procedures and systems.

On a personal note the biggest influence Mark has had on our business is to push me, the business owner, to think big, to think outside the square and then push me even further and give me the confidence to believe that anything is achievable (and it is).”
John McLaughlin, Principal McLaughlin & Associates Lawyers Pty Ltd


“Edgeview are all about adding value. Their ability to provide me continuous support on productivity enhancement, business process outsourcing and executive coaching in the one conversation was outstanding. For me now the three are tied together – Edgeview are the first I have worked with that took ownership of my needs and did not pass me from pillar to post within their organisation.”
Graham Beal, Group Manager — HR Services Coates Hire Australia


“Edgeview has a distinctive and effective style in working with me to sharpen my focus on value creation, develop unique strategies and build our management capabilities to maximise value. Edgeview offered a reengineering of my compliance demands – they are without peer.”

Dan Wilson, CEO Privateer Capital UK



“They have a distinctive, highly methodical approach to strategic decision making working closely with our management to tailor it to the business situation and culture.”
Brad Levitt, CEO Sentosa Capital


“Perceptive, smart and always up to date with my strategic portfolio. With Edgeview we get the correct answers, not the answers we hoped to hear.”

Cathy May, General Manager Operations Dental Partners


“The firm is successful but we realised we needed to expand our client base and earn more for our efforts. We engaged Edgeview to set our strategic course – because of Edgeview we didn’t fall for the trap of just seeking revenue. We developed strategies to build a solid scalable profitable platform. Most importantly we developed and implemented policies and procedures that ensured we measurably improved customer service with stringent productivity. We are applying Lean Six Sigma and leveraged outsourcing across the whole firm. Edgeview’s value to me is that they are there to educate, advise and inspire us as we build a better more profitable business.”
Nelson Wockner, Principal Wockner Lawyers


“Our business is growing – with growth comes new issues and the constant need for new solutions. I support my growth with the support of Edgeview consulting. I am a ‘Bluebook’ client – I have 24/7 access to experienced advice, modern management techniques and productivity tools. We are launching a new website aimed at generating digital leads and educating potential new clients. Edgeview has been instrumental in supporting me to extract the most from my external digital marketers – brilliant.”

Jacqueline M. Clayton, CEO GrayClay: Medical Aesthetics Education

Learn How To Attack Your Business Challenges & Compete On Margin – Not On Price

Learn How To Attack Your Business Challenges & Compete On Margin – Not On Price